End of the course

The 53rd JACT Greek Summer School has drawn to a close. Huge thanks to our 230 students and 30+ staff for the hard work and thoughtfulness that have allowed us to learn so much Greek – and do so much more – this past fortnight. The 54th summer school will run from Sunday 31st July to Saturday 13th August. Applications will open in due course.

The 54th JACT Greek Summer School

Sunday 31st July – Saturday 13th August, 2022

At Bryanston School, Blandford Forum, Dorset.

Course fees and details of how to apply will be announced in due course. Please check back here or follow our social media accounts for more information.


Courses offered


For those with no experience of Greek at all, beyond recognising the alphabet


For those not yet at GCSE standard who are unable to tackle unadapted Greek


For those of GCSE standard or beyond, who are already reading Ancient Greek texts

The Greek summer school programme

Students work in groups of 7-10 and have over 32 hours of Greek tuition during the fortnight.

There are three teaching sessions each day: 9.00-10, 11.30-12.45 and 4.30-5.30. Students must attend all these and to do a considerable amount of work on their own between sessions. There is also a grammar clinic after the third session each day, so students can get help with individual problems.

On most evenings, after dinner, there will be a lecture concerned with some aspect of Greek literature or culture, and on many afternoons there are seminars on a choice of Classical topics.

Wednesday and Saturday afternoons are free, as is the middle Sunday. A walk to Hod Hill fort and other optional activities will be arranged.

Students are expected to attend the full course, arriving between 4.00 and 6.30 on the first day (Sunday) and leaving after the final session on the last day (Saturday) between 10.30 and 11am.

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