If you would struggle to afford the full cost of the course - or if you would love to come but you are worried about how you or your family will afford it - please request a bursary form when applying for your place. Applying for a bursary will not have any impact on whether or not we offer you a place.

Financial support for summer school students

We are fortunate to have a range of generous sponsors who support the summer school as a whole and provide funds for bursaries to individual students to help us ensure that all those who would benefit from the course are able to attend. In most cases, bursary awards are between £150 and £500, but larger sums are awarded where these are needed.

Some Local Education Authorities, schools, universities and other bodies give grants to students attending the Summer School. If you can get a grant from any of these sources, it will save our bursaries for those who cannot get money from elsewhere.

If you think that you will need financial help, please confirm this in the application process. The Course Secretary will then send you a Bursary Form which you should complete and return as soon as possible. Do not wait for the result of your requests for grants from any other sources. If you indicate that you wish to apply for a bursary, you will not be required to submit a deposit with your application.

The Cambridge Classics Faculty Fund for Intensive Greek students (i.e. for students from beginners to those who will not have reached Greek AS level) with offers to Cambridge is administered by the JACT Greek Summer School. If attending the course is a requirement of your Cambridge offer and you need financial assistance, simply indicate in your application that you wish to apply for a bursary – do not apply direct to Cambridge for help.

Further information about the bursary scheme can be obtained from the Course Secretary, Cathy Bothwell.

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