If you would struggle to afford the full cost of the course — or if you would love to come but you are worried about how you or your family will afford it — please apply for a bursary from the summer school. Applying for a bursary won't affect whether you're offered a place on the summer school.

Financial support for summer school students

We believe everyone who wants to learn Greek should be able to. Thanks to our generous sponsors and supporters, we can provide financial support in the form of bursaries to individual students, so that everyone who would benefit from the course is able to attend.

If you think that you will need financial help, please let us know when you apply. We will contact you via email, usually within 10 working days, for further information. If you tell us that you want to apply for a bursary, you won’t need to submit the £50 deposit with your application.  If you are applying to other places for financial support, you don’t need to wait for the results of those applications before you send us the form.

You might also be able to apply for funding from other sources. Some Local Education Authorities, schools, and other bodies give grants to students attending the Summer School. If you are already at university or have a university offer, please ask your university whether they have any funds you could apply to. If you can get a grant from any of these sources, it will help our bursary funds go further. But please also apply to us, at the same time: if you secure some funding from elsewhere, you can let us know and we can reduce your summer school bursary.

How much help can we provide?

When awarding bursaries, we don’t have rigid criteria; we consider each application individually. We appreciate that family finances are complicated, so we ask for a wide range of detail, including why you need support and how much funding you need to attend the course. As a rough guide, here are some examples of recent bursary awards:

Full bursary – all costs paid (not including travel expenses):

  • 18-year-old, just finished A-levels – family income less than £20,000
  • 16-year-old, about to start Sixth Form – 3 siblings, family income £25,000

Just paid the £50 deposit:

  • 20-year-old, undergraduate student – no funding available from university
  • 17-year-old, doing A-levels – from a single-parent family, no siblings, household income £25,000

Partial bursary:

  • 17-year-old, 2 siblings, single-parent family, income £45,000 – 50% bursary
  • 18-year-old, 1 sibling, family income £55,000, high travel expenses – 40% bursary

We know from experience that many students don’t apply for financial help, even though they are eligible. But if you need some financial support to be able to attend, we want to hear from you. If you have any questions, or are unsure about anything to do with the application process, please get in touch.

Cambridge University offer-holders for three-year degree with Intensive Greek

The Cambridge Classics Faculty provides us with the funds to cover the cost of bursaries for students without a Greek A-level who have a place on their three-year course (the Intensive Greek course). If attending the summer school is a requirement of your Cambridge offer and you need financial assistance, simply let us know when you apply that you want to apply for a bursary – do not apply direct to Cambridge for funding.

If you have an offer for the four-year course at Cambridge (for students without Latin or Greek A-level) and have been told to attend the summer school, please get in touch with your college, as it is likely to be an error.

Interested in attending the Greek summer school?